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Universal Torx wrench

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High hardness and impact resistance

The universal wrench is made of the highest quality steel, so it has exceptional hardness and strength,

and impressive resistance to impact, abrasion, corrosion and rust. It maintains optimal performance in various environments.

Ergonomic design

The adjustable universal wrench features an ergonomic design that maximizes torque and utilizes the principle of efficiency.

Its comfortable handle reduces the strain of use, thus ensuring work productivity and not straining the hands.

Easy to use

Simply align the hole of the universal wrench with the nut for smooth operation, preventing slippage and ensuring a smooth process.

Its portable and lightweight design facilitates easy storage and convenient transportation.

Universal fit

The universal adjustable double-ended wrench is suitable for various sizes of screws and nuts, making it suitable for a variety of mechanical maintenance tasks in industry, household, construction sites and other workplaces.

Whether it's car, bike, motorcycle maintenance or other jobs, this wrench is invaluable.


Length: 160 mm

Thickness: 3.5 mm

Area of use: 14-22 / 8-13