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­čÄúUniversal Fishing Attractant Scent Baits Outdoor Fishing Accessories­čÉč

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Enhance your fishing success with our Universal Fishing Attractant Scent Baits Outdoor Fishing Accessories. Designed to lure and entice a wide range of fish species, these scent baits are a game-changer for anglers. The powerful attractant scent combined with easy application makes them essential for any fishing expedition. Elevate your fishing experience with these versatile and effective outdoor fishing accessories. 


POWERFUL ATTRACTANT: Perfectly blended with fishmeal, soybean meal, and fish attractants, our product maximizes effectiveness in attracting fish. Specially infused with blood meal, it enhances the lure's appeal, making fish easier to locate. Experience increased chances of enticing fish with these quality ingredients combined.

VERSATILE USE: Suitable for various freshwater fishing, these scent baits are ideal for a variety of fishing techniques and environments.

EASY APPLICATION: These baits are full of raw material, making they are easy to be hooked. Simply put the scent bait on your lures, bait, or fishing gear for an irresistible scent trail that attracts fish from a distance.

LONG-LASTING FORMULA: The long-lasting scent formula ensures that the attractant remains potent and effective, keeping fish interested over extended periods.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: These fishing attractant scent baits can be used with a wide range of fishing lures, hooks, and rigs, making them suitable for all anglers.


Type: Universal Fishing Attractant Scent Baits Outdoor Fishing Accessories

Main Ingredients: Fishmeal, Soybean Meal, and Fish Attractants

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Weight: 40g

Packaging: Convenient and Secure Bottle


1 Bottle* Universal Fishing Attractant Scent Baits Outdoor Fishing Accessories