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Steampunk Theme Roulette 7-in-1 Dice

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The shape of dice hasn’t changed for thousands of years. It’s time for SOMETHING NEW! Introducing the world's first 7-in-1 dice that play like roulette. Your fate lies within the spin of a roulette!

Roulette Dice combine D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D% all in one dial. No more space constraints for dice rolling, with all the magic power within, you can easily get your lucky number in just a spin.

Our revolutionary roulette dice are made of quality alloys which makes them extremely robust and they feature incredible surface details. The machine-tooled interior mechanism delivers a fair result with every spin that produces a truly random result every time.

Roulette dice are also designed according to the basic logic of polyhedral dice: The sum of two opposite numbers is the maximum number of the die +1. For example, in dice D20, the sum of the number 20 and the symmetric 1 is 21, the adjacent 8 is symmetric 13, and so on...

Nothing is worse than trying to play a game only to find some of the dice missing. Multi-dice games are also difficult when there is limited space to throw and it can be quite annoying when the dice invariably fall off the table. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an innovative dice solution that meets the needs of all your games?
Inspired by the shape of a casino roulette wheel, we created special dice with low friction, smooth spins, and exquisite styling. Forget about keeping track of mismatched dice sets, now you can have it all with Roulette Dice.

Size: 6cm

Product material: zinc alloy