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Sound Reactive Light Bar

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Built-in microphone (sound-controlled) with intelligent noise canceling algorithm. Can be used in a noisy environment.

32 Bright LED's. 18 color combinations.

Adjustable brightness, speed, sensitivity, & AGC ( Automatic Gain Control is a microphone setting that automatically tracks audio & adjusts the LED's).  

Built-in 240mAh Battery, can be used without a USB Cable. USB is Supported.



Gives a great aesthetic to your room setup; especially if you are into music. Changes a boring setup to an interesting & good-looking stand.

Perfect for a gaming or laptop setup. Put it on top of the monitor. The LED lights' sound activation syncs with the iPhone app or speakers.


  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Shade material: acrylic
  • Lamp holder material: PVC
  • Switch Type: Push Button
  • Voltage: 5(V)
  • Light Source: 32 LED Bulbs
  • Size: 181*16*18.5mm
  • Package Size:  22.5cm*5cm*3cm
  • Net Weight: 86g
  • Package Weight: 150g