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Skull Ring Bracelet

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Are you looking for a bracelet that will spice up your outfit while giving it a dreamy look?
Then look no further, because you can achieve anything with this skeleton hand bracelet. It will nestle around your wrist and allow you to impressively decorate each of your fingers with stunning rings.


  • Sturdy Material: Our ankle rings are made of high quality alloy, the surface has a beautiful metallic luster, is rich in texture, the durable material can serve you for a long time, it can highlight your chic temperament, the delicate ring will never fade , No harm to your skin.

  • Halloween Props: Our rings are gothic and punk style, different from ordinary rings. You can use them as Halloween props, match your Halloween costumes and make you more charming when celebrating.

  • Skull appearance: This skull symbolizes victory over demons and death and represents rock. This is a typical punk accessory that will definitely make you fashionable. Durable and stylish, this ring is the perfect accessory to match any outfit.

  • Adjustable size: Our knuckle rings are adjustable, one size fits most people, you can adjust it with your fingers, the high quality material will make you feel comfortable, you will not strain your fingers too much, you can wear it It is a long time.


  • Material: Alloy

  • Color: Black, Gold, Silver

  • Weight: 63.3 g

  • Size:


  • 1 * Skull and Bones Ring Bracelet