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Frosted Metal Translucent Glass Phone Case For Samsung S23 ULTRA

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About Design

The aerospace aluminum alloy metal frame is combined with a translucent glass back panel, which is as thin as the golden ratio of 0.4MM. And with an eagle eye glass lens to achieve strong drop resistance and wear resistance. Control your Samsung.

38 Class N52H Rubidium Magnets

There are 38 annular magnetic particles built into the phone case. When you need MagSafe, MagSafe snaps right in. Don't worry about MagSafe products falling off your phone case. Pair with whatever you like.

Reasons For Choice
  • Sturdy aerospace aluminum alloy metal frame
    Supports MagSafe, super magnetic attraction.
    At 0.4mm thin, the golden ratio feels thin and light.
    Independent "Hawkeye" glass lens protection

Lens Detail Protection

The lens protection cover made of high-aluminum glass material and aluminum alloy explosion-proof ring has advanced impact protection and anti-scratch functions to protect the lens from being scratched. Long-term use will not affect the quality of photography.

Easy And Fun To Install

1: Separate the frame from the back panel, and place the phone into the metal frame. 2 Align the frosted back panel with the top slot, and attach it to the frame 3: Slide the bottom latch to the left to lock, and installation is complete. 4: Managed to get a strong and thin protective case