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Spinning Rainbow Pop Bracelet

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Spin Your Stress Away!!

Our Spinning Rainbow Pop Bracelet creates a fun atmosphere  with a sensory bubble that helps relieve stress, uplifts your mood, ease your boredom and anxiety. Have a good time pressing down and spinning  the bubbles anytime, anywhere!

100% free from harmful chemical compounds. This reliable fidget toy is a perfect outlet for small games that fits all  wrist sizes!


  • Instant Stress Buster - Once pressed, it gives you the satisfaction constantly, releasing the tension, stress, boredom, irritation and more!
  • Non Allergic and Lightweight - Fits comfortably in all wrist sizes without getting any skin irritation.
  • Trouble Free Handling - This cute rainbow bracelet is easy to carry around!
  • Optimum and Durable  Material - Constructed to be used comfortably. Extremely water resistant, perfect for travels, swimming, backpacking, etc.

  • Widely Use - Suitable for everyone! Directly enclose on your wrist and enjoy every popping sound while taking it on!
  • Mix and Match - Match up your everyday wear with the various colors from the rainbow bracelet giving you a gorgeous OOTD look!
  • Unique Design - Beautifully crafted with a flower design in various vibrant colors embellished with a spinner LED that functions as a sensory toy.


  • Material: Silicone LED
  • Colors: Purple Yellow, Purple Blue, Blue
  • Length: 245mm
  • Spinner Width: 80mm/3.1 inches

Product Includes

1 x Spinning Rainbow Pop Bracelet