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🔥Last Day Sale 49% OFF🔥Perimeter Trip Alarm

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Made of Aluminum, this unit utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism and an activate-by-wire system. When the activation mechanism is disturbed (by an animal or something else causing activity), the unit will activate. This device is compatible with flares and other signaling items, depending on situation and requirement. 

Key Features

  • Sound alarm system
  • Used to scare away animals or trespassers 
  • Built for outdoor security for camps, farms, homes, etc.

How to Use

Mount the Alarm firmly to stationary surface. Tie trip wire to trigger pin and secure across the trespassing line. Wire, string or nails work great for mounting. Simply use the edging or holes on the alarm.

GIF of mounted camp safe

Take your adapter and insert the signaling device into the adapter. Load adapter and now it is ready. 

What's Included In The Package

  • (1) Perimeter Trip Alarm
  • (1) Trigger Pin
  • (1) Pull Ring
  • (1) Trip Wire
  • (1) Adapter

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 3" H x 1" W x 1" L
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Military Green
  • Packaging Dimensions: ~ 1" H x 4" W x 9" L
  • Installation Method: ‎Surface-Mounted
  • Sound Level: ‎172 dB
  • Batteries Required: ‎No
  • Assembled Diameter: ‎3.35 Inches
  • Waterproof Standard: IPX6

Our product is totally legal in the US, Canada, Australia etc. We do not promote illegal activities with our products.

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