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Well-gomafber®🔥Mini Positive & Negative Screwdriver Combination Set

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Multi-functional special-shaped flat-blade screwdriver household hand tools

This set includes 10 screwdriver bits with a ratcheting screwdriver for easy clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, perfect for repairing and maintaining items.

Perfect for professionals and DIYers who want to tackle household chores with ease.

Whether you're fixing bikes, assembling furniture, or fixing electronics, this multipurpose screwdriver set is a must-have.

With its compact design, lightweight materials, and ergonomic handle, this screwdriver set is easy to use and store, making it a handy addition to any workspace.

Excellent workmanship, strict quality control and quality assurance, high safety factor, you can use it with peace of mind.


Product Specification

  • Blade material: S2 alloy tool steel
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

Product Package

  • Mini Positive And Negative Screwdriver Combination Set Ă— 1