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Pack of 4 height-adjustable washing machine stands

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  • ⚙️Washing machine anti-vibration pad: The washing machine foot pad has a 360° rotating and lifting design, and the height can be adjusted by yourself (2.8-4 inches).

  • ⚙️Multi-purpose scene use: It can be used for washing machines, dryers and some large furniture. The height can be adjusted as needed, reducing the vibration and noise generated by the machine, benefiting the cleaning and maintenance of the floor while extending the life of the machine itself.

  • ⚙️High-quality materials: The product is made of polypropylene ABS polymer plastic, which is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high strength.

  • ⚙️Shock-absorbing design: The bottom noise-reducing shockproof pad is made of soft TPU rubber, which can absorb up to 94% of vibrations, which is an ideal material for shock absorption and noise reduction.



  • Type: Device

  • Material: PP+PVC

  • Color: Gray

  • Compatible with: washing machines, refrigerators or other appliances with a base diameter of less than 4.5 cm/1.77 inch



  • Pack of 4 height-adjustable washing machine stands