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Indoor 3-in-1 Thermometer Hygrometer Clock

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By closely monitoring temperature and humidity, you can ensure a healthier living environment for your family!!

Maintain optimal humidity levels to prevent colds, dry skin, allergies, and more!!

This versatile device serves as a thermometer, hygrometer, and clock, providing essential information in a single glance.

Air comfort indicator

The comfort level icon in the center of the screen clearly indicates the home environment based on the relative humidity (RH).

  • Dry (orange): The humidity is less than 30%.
  • Comfort (green): Humidity is between 30% and 69%.
  • Wet (blue): Humidity is above 70%.


ACCURATE & FAST REFRESH - It will update in every 10s which ensures real-time information for your indoor environment.

COMFORT ZONE INDICATOR - Our exclusive color bar system provides instant DRY/COMFORT/WET air condition assessment at a glance.

CLOCK AND CALENDAR FUNCTION - Stay organized and on schedule with the integrated clock and calendar feature. It's a convenient addition to your daily routine.

MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS - Enjoy flexibility in placement with a fold-out stand and a magnetic backing. Display it on your tabletop or attach it to metal surfaces effortlessly.

EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY - Large, clear digits on the screen make monitoring temperature, humidity, time, and date a breeze, even from a distance.


Material: Plastic

Color: white

Size: 70*70*14mm

Battery:1 CR2 batteries required

Temperature Range: -9.9℃~60℃ (14.2℉~140℉)±1℃

Humidity Range: 20%~95% ±3%RH

Update rate: 10 seconds

Temperature: Fahrenheit or Celsius switchable


1 * Indoor 3-in-1 Thermometer Hygrometer Clock


Colors may vary due to different monitors.

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