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HOFER new store opened!Laser welding machine (4 in 1) Festool latest model 2024 welding + cutting + deoxidizing + cleaning 9000 W (welding and cutting materials)

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Let's celebrate the official opening of HOFER's largest discount store!

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The first HOFER store in 2024 will cooperate with Festool!

The 2024 event officially begins!

2024 Biggest discount for sale Festool latest model portable laser welder (4 in 1)

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We are celebrating Festool's 90th anniversary

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Most stainless steel products are manufactured using traditional welding processes, such as argon arc welding. Although this method can meet 80% of production requirements, it leads to defects such as incomplete penetration, air bubbles and cracks in the welded product. These deficiencies not only reduce the resistance of the joints. But they also lead to corrosion of the weld seams.

The welding process requires more than just experienced welders. However, the cost of materials is also high. This increases production costs and post-weld finishing is very slow.

To solve these problems, American MachineMfg has developed the most reliable and certified 3-in-1 portable laser welder (welding, cutting, rust removal).

It not only solves the problem of traditional welding, but also increases water resistance underwater and in rainy days. (Greatly avoids the problem of not being able to work on rainy days and greatly increases work efficiency)

Because this product is an improved version of a portable laser welder.

thereby adding a new function (rust removal).

This creates a new type of welding with the advantage of easy handling. Beautiful welding pattern, fast welding and material saving.

Handheld laser welder and fast welding, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding methods, saving at least two welders per year.

Maybe not only for cooking, but also for cutting various materials. (Gold/Silver/Copper/Iron/Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Galvanized Tin and other materials) Cutting thickness 0-25mm.

Welding, cutting and deoxidation work.

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