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Heavy Duty Fish Lip Gripper with Weighing Scale

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Fish Grabber with Strong Working Mechanism

The catfish gripper pliers feature a motion slider and multi- point link structure. Reverse force mechanism to prevent the fish from escaping, based on the weight of the fish to hold tightly. The more struggle, the tighter.


  • Premium Aluminum Alloy Anti-corrosive Fishing Gripper: Made of high-quality sturdy aluminum alloy material, all metal parts of fishing scales are water resistant, corrosion resistant and no rust, it can be used in both freshwater and saltwater for a long time. Warmly tips: rinse it with freshwater would help prolong its life.
  • Fish Lip Gripper with Scale:fish grabber tool has a built-in weighing scales for clear readings and can measure up to 39lbs. This fish clip has a large load capacity, and the pliers have hook function to clamp tightly on the fish lips, so that even big fish can be firmly grasped.
  • Easy Operation Pistol Type Fishing Grabber: This fish grip with scale features a pistol type grip, arch-shaped design that fits your fingers! It works smoothly so you can use it with one hand. The handle is non-slip even when wet. You can tie the fish lip grip on your waist or on the bag. Don't worry about falling into the water during use.
  • Long Grippers , No Hurt for Fish: The fish holder tool is designed for safely landing and handling large toothy fish. The full length of the long gripper is 11.41in, it keeps the fisherman's hand at a safer distance from the sharp fish teeth. 


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Color: red, blue
  • Weight: 205g/0.45lb
  • Size


  • 1 × Heavy Duty Fish Lip Gripper with Weighing Scale