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Effortlessly Thread Your Needles With This Nifty Gadget!【🚚Cash On Delivery + Local Stock (Express 3 Day Delivery)】

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Frustrated with having to constantly pass that flimsy thread through the eye of your needle?

Don’t lick your threads ever again and automatically thread your needles quickly and easily with the amazing Easy Needle Threader!

Say goodbye to the frustration of having to pass your threads through the minuscule eye of your needles and let this amazing tool do all the work for you!

Simply hook the thread onto the device, let it pass through the eye of your needle, and pull it out for a quick and easy thread!

It’s the perfect threader for every needle set!

Make sewing easier than it has to be and effortlessly thread your needles with this convenient Easy Needle Threader!

Portable, lightweight, and easy to use!

Product Specifications:

Materials: Aluminum, Plastic

Dimensions: 40mm x 18mm

Package Contents:

10x Easy Needle Threader

It’s the ideal threader for both young and old!

Spend more time sewing than finding the minuscule eye of your needle with this amazing Easy Needle Threader!

A quick and easy way to thread your needles!

Simply hook the thread on the threading pin, insert the pin into your needle’s eye, and pull for a fast and simple thread!

Made with high-quality aluminum and plastic materials to ensure long-lasting durability that you can rely on!

It’s soft and flexible enough to easily pass through just about any needle size making it the ideal device for your sewing needs!

It’s a perfect threader for every sewist!

Make threading your needles a breeze and never lick your threads again with this amazing and easy-to-use Easy Needle Threader now!