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🔥Last Day Promo - 70% OFF 🎄 Cybertron High Hardness Outdoor Knife

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Introducing the Cybertron folding knife, a true embodiment of strength, style, and precision. With its commanding presence and captivating design, this knife stands out as one of the most remarkable pieces in our collection.

Available in two striking color options, the all-silver version and the mesmerizing combination of a silver blade with a blue-yellow handle, the Cybertron is a visual masterpiece.


Measuring a total length of 9in, with a formidable 3.9in blade and a comfortably-sized 5.1in handle, this knife offers both practicality and elegance. The blade, meticulously crafted from D2 steel and subjected to vacuum heat treatment, ensures exceptional hardness rated at an impressive 59HRC. Its brushed surface finish not only enhances its durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance.

This folding knife with the handy pocket clip is the ideal option for everyday carry that is legal in all states and will stay strong through all of your adventures.

The Cybertron's handle, also featuring a brushed steel construction, provides a secure and ergonomic grip, allowing for precise and confident handling in any situation. Whether you're tackling outdoor adventures, engaging in survival tasks, or simply seeking a reliable everyday tool, the Cybertron Folding Knife is up to the challenge.

Weighing 10.6oz (including packaging), this knife is substantial in both form and function, giving you the confidence to conquer any cutting or slicing task with ease. Accompanied by a sturdy all-steel knife holder, the Cybertron is always within reach and ready to assist you in your endeavors.


Experience the fusion of strength, beauty, and reliability with the Cybertron Folding Knife, making a statement wherever you go. Elevate your knife collection and embrace the power and allure of the Cybertron.


Blade material: D2 steel
Hardness: 59HRC


We have our own factory in Oregon City, Oregon, USA, and can ship to your home within 3-7 days.

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