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Sensor Cabinet LED Light (5 PIECE)

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The light will automatically turn on when you open the cabinet, and the light will turn off when you close the cabinet, and you don't need to carry a flashlight when you are looking for something in the cabinet.

Suitable for all hinges 

It is also battery operated, lightweight, easy to install, and convenient to use.

Main characteristics

Made of high quality plastic material, environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable to use.

Easy to install and convenient to use, after installing it on the hinge of your cabinet with battery, when you open the cabinet, the light will turn on automatically. When the cabinet is closed, the light turns off.

  • No need to carry a flashlight or find things in the dark, just open the door, and you will find the things you want easily.

Our articulated light has 3pcs LED beads and is powered by 12V 23Ah battery, has the features of high brightness and lower power consumption, it is really a practical and affordable closet light.

How to use


Suitable for hinges as pictured, the screw on the hinge should be loosened, and the LED light base should be installed there.