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🔥HOT SALE - Button Hook Aids - (💖Give attentive care to weak or arthritic hands💖)

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BUTTON YOUR CLOTHES WITH EASE:The ergonomic button hook eliminates the frustration of handling buttons and zippers and accommodates all sizes of buttons on a garment. Perfect for those with limited dexterity and those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel, the button hook makes buttoning up clothing effortless, giving you more independence when dressing for the day.

PATENTED ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The patent-pending buttonhole hook has a superior shape for a comfortable grip and features an index finger opening for increased security and easier maneuverability. The handle is also suitable for weak or arthritic hands. It is pleasantly wide and allows better control when fastening buttons or zippers on pants, shorts, jackets or other garments.

HOOKLESS WIRE LOOP:The wire loop of the buttonhole hook is made of durable steel and is slim and smooth to prevent snagging on fabric or buttonhole threads. The steel wire loop also tapers at the tip to hold each button in place and make it easier to pull through the buttonhole.
SMOOTH ZIPPER HOOK: A rounded steel zipper hook at the base of the button hook makes it easy to attach zippers to pants, shorts, jackets and other garments. The zipper hook is slim with rounded edges to slide into most zipper pulls.

Weight: 20g

💖Design Purpose: Give people with weak or arthritic hands more help in their lives!


1/2 * button hook tool