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Boilie X Knife | Fishing knife Pure Handmade Folding Broken Window Pocket Knives

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Product Description.

What if there was a knife that could do everything you need when carp fishing? We asked ourselves that too. 

The solution : the Boilie X Knife.

Our X Knife is an absolute novelty on the market. It is almost indestructible and comes with all the tools you need for carp fishing today.


The needle. Never search again.

Every carp angler knows it: When threading the boilies, the needle breaks, falls down and can usually no longer be found in the tall grass or sand. 

Our needle in the X Knife is always with you. Because it is firmly integrated into the knife, you can't lose it. It is produced in Germany, comes from the leather sewing factory and is almost indestructible. And if you do need a replacement, it can be easily replaced without tools. This is how you achieve the ideal hair installation. From now on, no frustration.

The drill. 

Our drill is also made from the highest quality materials, is durable and can be replaced without tools if necessary. 

The rig puller. This is how tight it works.

With the rig puller you can pull your knots really tight. You can tie even the finest cords into an optimally fitting, tight knot through ideal power transmission. Completely without pain.

The blade. Cuts everything.

The self-locking blade with locking push button has a usable length of 6.5 cm and is made of high-quality steel. It is particularly sharp, durable and reliable.

The scissors. Brutally sharp.

Our scissors in the X Knife have a high-quality and therefore durable spring mechanism. With conventional scissors, the fine cords often fray. With the scissors in the X Knife you always have a smooth cut.

The magazine. Better safe than sorry.

Even if we are convinced that you won't need it, we'll take care of it. In the magazine you always and everywhere have a spare needle and a drill with you. 


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