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💯👍Algae Repellent Agent

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🐟💦Give your aquariums an instant purification with this premium algae control agent!
Keep the water in your fish tanks and ponds crystal clear with just this premium algae control agent!

Enjoy easy cleaning and reduce algae floating in your pond. It also creates a healthy ecosystem by depositing beneficial bacteria and enzymes, is safe and easy to use, and works with a wide variety of algae.


  •  ●Excellent algae control: This powder-based repellent effectively removes unwanted algae, moss and other microorganisms at high speed. It clumps all the floating particles into one big clump and also loosens any growing algae on the walls to break it all down without leaving any residue.

  • ●Natural active ingredients: The fine agent is formulated with advanced active ingredients that naturally eliminate all types of alga Suitable for species including thread algae, staghorn algae, thread algae, hair algae, diatoms and more possibilties. Prevent your: aquariums, fish tanks and ponds from turning green and cloudy.

  • ●Fish and plant friendly: Its formulation only contains special and 100% non-toxic compounds to guarantee its safety in both fresh and salt water. It can be used in aquariums or ponds with live plants, fish and invertebrates without damaging them. Don't worry as it will not affect or dissolve the oxygen levels in the water while cleaning and controlling algae growth.

  • Balance the ecosystem: The cleaning agent not only removes unsightly aquatic organisms, but also helps improve and balance the biological needs of the pond. Allowing you to bring back a safer and normal oxygen level to avoid a lot of stress for your fish. It even combines some beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the water body, which leads to decreased algae growth.

  • Easy to use: The algae repellent can spread throughout the aquariu or pond and even reach hard-to-reach areas. Simply pour an adequate dose of the powder directly into your tanks or ponds and will automatically begin to get rid of microorganisms. No need to constantly wet your hands and do manual cleaning anymore! .


  • Material: n-alkyL, dimethyldiallylammonium, n-dialkyL, dimethyl alkylammonium

  • Weight: 71g

  •  Size: 7.5*4.5cm/2.95*1.77in


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