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💥TileLUX Cutter Pen

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Effectively Cut Clean and Precise Tiles!

✓ Precise & Dust-Free Tile Cutting

✓ Made From Premium Grade Strengthen Steel Material

✓  Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle

✓ Multipurpose For All Kind Of Tiles

What Make Us Different

Precise & Dust-Free Tile Cutting

Just one swipe to get a clean precise cut tile. No dust, cracking, or breaking while cutting. It allows you to precisely create angle cuts with ease!

Made From Premium Grade Strengthen Steel Material

Our pen cutter is made from high-strength material with a durable tungsten carbide tip and long-lasting usability.

Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle For Perfect Cut

TileLUX is designed with an excellent cutting grip. No-slip, just fine handling while working. It provides better control to maneuver to whichever angle is required.

Product Include
1pc x TileLUX Cutter Pen